Frequently asked questions

Can I enter a multi-part work such as a diptych or triptych?

Yes. If you want to enter a diptych (a two-part work of art), a triptych (three parts) or another multi-part work that is intended to be viewed as a single work of art, this counts as a single submission. So if for example you entered a triptych, this counts as one submission and costs £10, not £30. Multi-part works will therefore be considered as single works by the judges.

My work isn't finished, can I still enter?

Sorry, we cannot accept work in progress. We require an image of the finished work by the stated deadline, in order for the judging panel to make their selection.

Is there a theme?

No. There is a theme to link other elements of the festival, but this does not apply to the Open exhibitions.

What style of work are the judges looking for?

No particular styles are favoured, but please note it is a Contemporary Open as opposed to a general open exhibition. 

Is there a maximum size of work you will accept?

We can accommodate canvasses up to (roughly) 72 inches wide. There is limited floor space in the mezzanine gallery at Warrington Museum, so sculptures (including plinths which must be supplied by the artists) must protrude by no more than 30 inches.

I haven't received acknowledgement of my submission - have you received it?

You should have received a receipt from PayPal. If you can’t find it, it may be in your Spam folder. This is proof that you have entered and that we have received your submission. If in doubt, please email us.

I want to enter by post / cheque

Sorry we can only accept entries via this website.

I'm having trouble with the form

Please make sure you have completed all the required parts of the form, indicated with an asterix (*). If you're having trouble uploading an image, make sure you have pressed the red UPLOAD button after you have chosen the image you want to submit. The website won't allow you to submit the form unless all the required parts have been completed.

I can’t remember what which pieces I entered / what price / etc.

When the judges have made their selection, we will individually contact all artists who entered, to inform them the judges’ decisions, and we will state the names of the pieces which have been selected. We will contact artist by email. If you need to know any other details, for example the sale price you specified when you entered, please email us.

When can I expect to hear whether or not my work has been selected?

Judging will take place in early September. We will then individually contact all artists who entered, to inform them the judges’ decisions (see above) and our aim is to contact everyone by 11 September, or as near as we possibly can to that date. Depending on the number of people that enter, this can be a very time consuming process, so your patience is appreciated. If you haven't heard from us by 11 September (don't forget to check your Spam folder), please email us. In previous years, some artists accidentally mistyped their email addresses when they entered, which can make it difficult for us to get in touch!

I would like to change the sale price / title / etc of the work(s) I’ve entered

If you would like to change any of the details, such as titles or prices, please contact us by 21 September at the latest.

What happens if my work sells during the exhibition?

If a visitor wants to buy a work, gallery staff will take a deposit from the purchaser, put a red sticker on the label next to the work, and notify the artist. All payments will be processed at the end of the exhibition. Gallery staff will contact the artist to arrange a bank transfer. If an artist wants to take their work off sale, it is their responsibility to contact us.


  • For more info on hand-in / collection dates, packaging requirements etc., see the Submissions Guidelines page
  • If you can’t find the answer to your question please email us.